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Teen Patti is a traditional Indian card game. The outcome of Teen Patti relies heavily on luck, similar to the outcome of poker. It is sometimes also referred to as Indian Flush or Mini Flush.Here you can play Teen Patti for real money. Each player receives three cards.

Teen Patti comes in two main versions. You can play one variation offline (with friends or in a gambling hall) and another variation online (via the web or an app). Online Teen Patti is legal in India whereas a regular Teen Patti isn't, so that is the main difference between the two..

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How to Play Teen Patti ?

You will be dealt three cards face up.
You can either bet or fold
Whoever has the best hand wins.

Rules Of Playing Teen Patti

You can play teen Patti with 3 to 7 players with 52 cards without jokers.

All players are dealt three cards face down.

In the first round of play, the player at the button selected at random is the dealer.

Betting starts after the cards have been distributed from the leftmost player to the dealer.

Players take turns acting according to their cards' strength.

In this game, betting rounds are unlimited. Whoever stays until the end (not more than two) with the best high ranking hand wins the pot.

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