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Dragon tiger game online India

Over the centuries, casino games are ruling the world of betting. In the Retro Era, people from the elite class betting in casino clubs to the punters used to bet on the streets. Out of all the casino games, Dragon Tiger is one of the most popular casinos games in the countries of Asia. However, the game originated in Cambodia and gradually spread worldwide into an engrossing casino game. Dragon Tiger is an easy version of Baccarat. Once after understanding the game and its tactics, players can easily play this game. Most of the people across the world are involved in betting on Dragon Tiger.

In India, Dragon Tiger Game Online India has become widely viral in the realm of betting online. People who like to bet online escalated their interest in this exciting game Dragon Tiger Game Online India is played with just two cards. Only two cards are enough to play this game, but this fact doesn't make it dull or boring it is more thrilling and fun to play. The excitement level gets better with time and players. 

Dragon tiger game online India

Dragon Tiger's fact makes this game very special and fast. In a fraction of a second, things change in this game. When you get a winning number, this game features the blinking of a light which indicates the player's victory. 

Higher or Lower in Dragon Tiger Game

A player may win a Dragon high and Tiger high bet if an eight is dealt. However, if dealt is seven or lower will make you lose. The player can also place a Dragon Low and Tiger High. You win a Dragon low and Tiger high; if a six is dealt. Players lose if a deal is seven or higher.

Tie Bet

If the round ends during a tie, players place a tie bet and revisit 50% of their main bet. In this case, a tie gives a payout of 11:1.

Suited Tie Bet

A suited tie bet is an additional side bet on the Dragon and Tiger cards equivalent in rank and suit.

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