Ludo Betting Odds

ludo betting odds
ludo betting odds
ludo betting odds ludo betting odds

About game

In India, Ludo is one of the oldest games. It has always been popular with all age groups. You can play with friends, family and others while getting a chance to earn real money.Players roll four tokens from the beginning until the end of the game. Playing Ludo online allows you to talk to your family and friends. Time is of the essence. Don't wait!. Download and play Ludo, the most popular online game, and earn big!

How to Play -

There is nothing more entertaining than the two-to-four player strategy game Ludo. Ludo's main objective is to get all your pawns into your home base. These steps will guide you on how to play ludo game online:


In order to play the game, the player must either Login or SignUp.

After selecting the mode of play, a page appears with threefold options

Besides selecting the "game type" from the dropdown menu, the player will also need to select the next tab.

As the game begins, the player will see the entry-amount displayed atop the adversaries rushing to win. Enter the amount and travel inside the game now!

Next, the player will be automatically directed to the main game page with their room code entered.

Net banking or Paytm allow players to withdraw their winnings directly into their individual bank accounts. When a player's balance and token have been added, they're ready to face off against their adversaries.

As part of the contest, the participant will be asked to select the color of their token, from which they will pick their house in which the game will begin.

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