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About Dragon Tiger Game

Live Dragon tiger is a very popular game in Asia and India and it is a much easier and simpler version of Baccarat. It can be said it is similar but we believe that Live Dragon tiger is a simpler game than any game out available. It is a live casino game produced by Evolution Games and it is played with just two cards. Only two cards are enough to play this game but this fact doesn't make it dull or boring but it is more thrilling and fun to play. The excitement level just gets better with the time and players. This is also a fact that makes this game very special and fast. In a fraction of seconds things are changed. In 25 seconds just a few seconds whole complete every round. When you get a winning number then this game features the blinking of light which indicates the win of the player. If you want to feel the excitement of the game then get your dragon tiger id today and start playing.

Higher or Lower in Dragon Tiger Game

Dragon High and Tiger High are both there to place your bets on and try your luck, tricks to win this bet. You win a Dragon high and Tiger high bet if an 8 is dealt. But you lose, if a 7 or lower is dealt. You can also place a Dragon Low and Tiger High. You win a Dragon low and Tiger high, if a 6 is dealt. You lose if a 7 or higher is dealt.

Tie Bet

A tie bet is an additional side bet that you simply can make on the Dragon card or Tiger card to be an equivalent in rank, regardless of which suite.If the round ends during a tie, and you've placed a tie bet, you'll revisit 50% of your main bet. In his case, the tie gives a payout of 11:1.

Suited Tie Bet

A suited tie bet is an additional side bet which will be made on the Dragon and Tiger cards being an equivalent in rank and suit.

Tips to nail Live Dragon Tiger

Avoid the tie bets

Do not rely on betting systems

Place your bets on Dragon or Tiger

Learn to count the cards

Observe The Dealer Dealing Cards

Select A Reputable Dealer To Play