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How To Win Dragon Tiger Casino?


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Dear Gamers,


Do you have a keen interest in playing online casino games? If yes, then you are scrolling to the correct page! We are throwing light on the most popular and entertaining casino game you can play online in the market. Dragon Tiger has become a renowned casino game available online. This game is another profound way to earn money online by playing exciting games on betting and gaming platforms.

If we talk about the present and history of this game, Dragon Tiger brought into being in Cambodia. Later on, the players got fond of the game; and it became one of the famous offline casino games. However, nowadays, everything is shifting its form online. The Dragon Tiger game is also introduced to online platforms and gets all the limelight from online casino players and gambling experts.

The game serves the purpose of offering entertainment and an earning opportunity. Likewise every other game, Dragon Tiger also requires a logical approach and zeal to win. Pro gamers know well how to win Dragon Tiger casino they play this famous casino game on the basis of a balanced amalgamation of forthright methods and intricated strategies. This balanced amalgamation will lead the players toward winning the game and earning money. Likewise, in other online earning & casino games, you can bet on also this casino game and gain in no bars.

Dragon Tiger game ranges from six to eight decks, including one card for comparison to Dragon or Tiger; it has no other card incorporated, which makes this game similar to Casino Wars. Dragon Tiger successfully passes another correlation with Baccarat. Similar to Baccarat, in Dragon Tiger, no player can play against the dealer but can choose a hand for betting on. To know how to win Dragon Tiger casino like a pro. The online gambling experts shared potential ways and techniques that take players closer to victory. Let's find out the strategies one can apply to win this game. We are mentioning the strategies tested by e-gambling experts right below.


Know the Game First:

Understand the concept of Dragon and Tiger; knowing the tactics should be the player's priority. Instead of starting the game with excitement and mindlessly, observe where the game will lead you. A clear idea of the game will be helpful in applying the apt bet on the cards. Furthermore, a player should observe the dealer and previous results to make a pro move. This way, you can eliminate many hurdles and chances of loss.

Count your cards to make your winning chances higher:

Keeping track of your gaming cards in Dragon Tiger makes the game stronger. It also raises the chances of winning for the players. One has to keep an eye on the cards involved in the game to know the countable cards a dealer may deal with. Counting the cards can eliminate the chances of losing the game by avoiding the 7s dealt.

Correlation Of Suit Bets & Counting Cards:

Counting the cards in Dragon Tiger is considered the best technique. This strategy avails the option of a suit bet. Players can have the clarity of making the decisions and tracking the four suits to bet out of 8 decks. Also, the small and big bettings are applicable on the basis of the card dealt more and less than seven and escorted by 7.69% house edge in the casino.

Say A big NO to Tie bets:

Betting on a tie is having a higher chance of loss in the game. Though such bets may pay in an 8:1 ratio, that is a big buck move. However, on the other side, it arrives with a house edge of 32.77% in a bet, and this's how a tie bet is harder to win. Out of 86,320 hand combinations overall, only 6,488 are qualified for ties. We can say that betting on a draw may lead you to a loss, as it is in the records only 1456 ties have ever won the battle, and the chances of losing the game are as high as 79,872 counts!

Top Following the Patterns:

No matter how confident you are about the constant wins of a card, do not follow the patterns to avoid any losses. For instance, a Tiger card is winning continuously, and you are betting on it again and again. It is one of the best Dragon tiger tips to follow as a newbie. If the Dragon card has won 3 times in a row, that does not ensure its victory for the 4th time. Know that player has two fundamental moves to make in the game. The Dragon and the Tiger are the only options to bet. However, betting on the same card is not an impactful move; this game has the nature to change anytime, regardless of consistency.

Do not Overlook your budget over payouts:

Maintain the records of your earnings as betting payouts and the budget you have set to bet. Such betting games serve the purpose of entertainment and earning hand in hand. The players should not neglect their budget in order to be safe from losses of any kind.

Grab the Bonuses that come the way:

Many gaming sites offer bonus points and payouts. Keep an eye on these bonuses and try not to miss even one.

Choose A Trustworthy Platform:

For being a pro, choosing a reliable online casino games website is a must on the list. Only genuine websites will serve the pursuits set for players. Varun Online Hub is one of the most trusted websites to play online gambling games and earn in no measure. Above are the points to remember to win the Dragon Tiger. Varun Online Hub is a reliable website that offers entertaining ways for newbies and pro players to generate their passive income by playing such exciting casino games.



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