Dragon tiger casino online

Dragon tiger casino online
Dragon tiger casino online Dragon tiger casino online


The Varun online hub is one of the most trusted brands in India with a huge base of active online casino gamers. With Varun online hub, our users can explore a variety of online casino games and can experience the ultimate fun and treasure of online casino games from a pool of online games, and one of the finest casino online games is dragon tiger.
The history of Dragon Tiger's famous casino game entails that this game was found in the land of Cambodia. With time, this game became quite popular among gamblers.
Now this game is also available to play online on many gaming websites. Dragon Tiger Casino Online has become one of the most popular live casino online games in the world of online casino games betting websites. The Dragon Tiger Casino Online game seems easy at first but gets complicated as the game proceeds at its pace to further levels.
In the dragon tiger casino online game, two cards are dealt with, one of them is the dragon betting position on the table and the second one is the tiger betting position. the betting position which gets the higher value card wins the game. To play the online dragon tiger game only two cards are required, and this phenomenon doesn’t create dullness but even though raises the level of fun and thrill to a higher extent.
As a matter of fact, within a fraction of second the command over the game or the holding position changes. In the dragon tiger online casino game, each and every round is of 25 seconds. Being a player, you have to put your best bets on the dragon, the tiger or the tie. Ace is the lowest card while the king is the highest card of the game. While the rest of the cards follow their face values -two are the next lowest.
The player holding the highest card wins the game regardless of the suit. In case of a tie, both the players lose 50 %of their betting amount on either dragon or the tiger irrespective of their positions being held with. Winners are paid their winning bet amount at the end of each game round. As the game progresses numerous side bets can also be placed for each game round. In point-of-action, side bets are not linked with the main game bets. A player can easily bet on a dragon main position and a tiger odd side bet position and vice- versa without any barrier.
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